About Me

I have always been a very simple person, going with the flow of triumphs and trials life offers. Learning from my past experiences inspires me to look forward to a future full of hope. It teaches me to focus on the simple joys brought about by seeing families smiling and laughing together.

My artwork expresses serenity and calmness of the mind. I use space as a location for thought, which allows me to venture into using other materials as part of the canvas. I make use of four elements in my work, signifying the number of people in my family (each member playing a vital role).

Aside from acrylic, objects like metal and wood add character to my piece. Cement as a medium represents raw texture and builds the composition of the painting. The use of materials such as metal and cement play a vital part in my composition. I use stainless steel because of its rigidity and strength as a metal, symbolizing the strength in character I get from overcoming trials in my life. Using cement as a material interests me because of its raw form. The mixing of this material and the forming of it into an object fascinates me quite greatly. Because I’m no expert at it, the application of cement brings beautiful surprises along the way. It is a personal reminder that committing mistakes is all part of the learning process.